There is not one ‘ideal’ toothbrush on the market. If there was, life would be so much easier. Some people do better with a manual brush and some do better with an electric tooth brush. Here is a challenge for you. Purchase a new toothbrush that is the same brand and style that you are currently using. Pay attention to how your ‘usual’ toothbrush feels for one week. After this week, change your toothbrush to a different brand or style. Most patients say that their teeth feel cleaner. Then after 2-4 weeks go back to your original toothbrush (preferably a new one) and see how it feels. Many people say that their teeth feel cleaner with this brush! I tend to find that what one brush may miss, another will get clean and visa versa. My suggestion, have one type of brush for the morning and one type of brush for the evening. Try different brushes. Make note of the ones that you like and the ones that you do not. Then switch between the ones that you like. Also, if you have a small mouth, physically, you may want to use a ‘childrens’ size brush head. You can also switch daily between an electric brush and a manual brush.

A “soft” toothbrush is better. Less traumatic on the gums and teeth. Make sure the tooth brush not only contacts the tooth, but also the gums. The junction of the tooth and gums is the most important are to keep clean! If you rub your tongue on the teeth at the gum line area and your tooth feels like you have a fur coat on it, there is plaque or calculus still present. Try brushing more. If it remains, you may have to use a different tool the clean it off. If it still remains, it is probably calculus and the dental therapist has to remove it for you.